Revenue driven technology – a new concept made by Yonoton


Yonoton has expanded its services to a new concept called Powered by Yonoton. Powered by Yonoton -solution offers world class revenue driven digital services for businesses who wish to offer their customers the best possible service while making extra revenue. Powered by Yonoton offers a fast and easy way to achieve business’ targets in digital services and remain in the forefront of innovations. Our new concept has an ever-increasing set of purpose-built features to fit various businesses. We bring in different solutions such as mobile purchasing, digital activation, new revenue streams and analytics. We are the experts and forerunners at […]

Stadium visitors want to be excited


How important is it these days to satisfy visitors in the stadium? It’s very essential in the long and short run. Fans are getting more demanding in these days. They crave for better services and new experiences. Clubs and stadiums should be constantly  improving their services and not give fans an excuse to watch the match from the home sofa.  What includes a modern customer experience? Technology should be used more innovatively to ease customers journey through the event and give some real extra value. Having your own fan application with static content such as news feeds and league tables […]

Yonoton hires Finnish FA’s Head of Events


A fast growing Finnish startup company Yonoton has strengthened its personnel by hiring Kalle Marttinen, 39. Marttinen is currently the Head of Events and Logistics at the Finnish Football Association. For the past six years, Marttinen has also worked as the Venue Director for UCL and UEL events in England, Norway, the Czech Republic and Belgium. Due to his impressive track record on international duties, Marttinen will be in charge of Yonoton’s international expansion. — I was given an opportunity that I could not refuse. Yonoton has a huge potential especially outside of Finland and it is great to be […]

Happy customers and more sales


What is Yonoton, what are you doing?   Yonoton is a versatile digital service that takes the customer experience to the next level by offering simple, fast and fun way to choose and pay for products. By speeding up the payment processes, we’ll provide clubs, venue operators and partners a powerfull tool to maximize revenue and do targeted marketing.   Is Yonoton able to improve the customer/fan experience?   Yes, we improve the customer experience in many ways. We believe that no one should be standing on long queues, but instead get their products quickly and enjoy the game. Fans […]

NHL-legend on the same stage with Yonoton


  The final speakers of the Hockey Business Forum in Globen has been confirmed. In addition to Yonoton CEO Teemu Karenius, there are some notable performers such as NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and the Swedish NHL-legend Daniel Alfredsson The E.H.C. Hockey Business Forum is specifically put together for executives and marketing directors of professional hockey clubs and other power-brokers in the hockey or sports business   Speaker List below: Jenny Silfverstrand, CEO Djurgården Hockey Jonas Persson, CEO Commercial Sports Media Teemu Karenius, CEO of Yonoton OY Cliff Mander, CEO of CKM Sports Management Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner, NHL Daniel Alfredsson, NHL […]

Yonoton awarded at The World Football Summit


Yonoton attended the World Football Summit WFS, the  the largest football convention in the world. Around 2200 main actors of the global football Industry participated the summit held in Madrid. As part of the event, Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center held a Startcup competition. Yonoton was selected to the final from hundreds of applicants. At the final Yonoton competed with six other Europe´s hottest startups. The competition’s jury rated Spanish company Thermohuman as the winner of the StartCup 2017. Yonoton received the special mention from the jury as the company finished second in the final. The finalists represented six countries: […]

Sami Hyypiä is Yonoton’s new investor


  Yonoton is a versatile digital service that revolutionizes the mass event experience and turns queues into money. A Finnish fast moving technology company is backed up by a large group of investors also consisting of big name professional athletes. We are proud to announce that one of them is a Finnish football legend, a former FC Liverpool captain and coach, Sami Hyypiä, 44. Yonoton is currently expanding to international markets. – I became a shareholder, because I believe that Yonoton’s digital service has massive international potential. Queues are a big problem in mass events and we are solving an […]

Yonoton strengthens its board of directors


    Yonoton is a fast growing Finnish startup company that revolutionizes mass event experience by digitalising them. Company aims to expand to Central European markets by 2017. Mr Juha Ala-Laurila, an experienced segment business lead of Microsoft and international business executive Mr Jarno Kukila have been nominated to the Yonoton Board of Directors. – We are convinced that Yonoton is the next big digital export of Finland. Mr  Ala-Laurila and Kukila strengthens our Board with their experience of international consumer business, sales and marketing, says the Yonoton Chairman of the Board Mr Seppo Kolari. Yonoton Oy Board of Directors: […]

Yonoton football goes international


World Football Summit WFS is the largest football convention in the world. It attracts 2200 main actors of the global football Industry. Participants include mega clubs such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Juventus. Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center has put up together a startup competition. Hundreds of companies from 25 countries sent applications and 70 made it to jury’s evaluation. Eight of hottest startups made it to the final. We are proud to announce that Yonoton is one of the finalists. Yonoton will step on the main stage to pitch about their Finnish digital innovation. Despite being just 1,5 years […]

FC Barcelona star among Yonoton investors


Yonoton´s versatile digital service revolutionizes the mass event experience by turning queues into money. Yonoton is backed up by a large group of investors also consisting of big name professional athletes. One of them is the Finnish basketball player from FC Barcelona Lassa, Petteri Koponen, 29. -What I´ve experienced while playing abroad, there is a big global demand for a service like this. I am sure Yonoton will be a huge success, Koponen tells. In addition to Koponen, Yonoton has several big-name inverstors including current and past pro footballers such as Teemu Tainio, Lukas Hradecky, Joel Pohjanpalo and Teemu Pukki. During […]