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We have apt tools for your needs. Our team of skilled professionals will get the job done. We will decide on a suitable working pace together with you.

Powered by Yonoton -service includes an application and a management tool. It is easy to manage the service’s features and content from marketing to sales.

Activating Customers
Tend to your customers and make sure they will return to you.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Stamp cards
  • Vouchers
  • Scratch cards

Ordering and Paying
Grow your sales and offer your customers modern purchasing methods.

  • Mobile payment
  • Tickets and season tickets
  • Pre-ordering
  • Gift cards

Marketing and Communications
Reach your customers with explicitly targeted marketing and communications.

  • Targeted marketing
  • Digital campaigns
  • Push notifications
  • Prompt informing

Customer Data
Grow your customer database and relate to your clients. Usher effectively to purchases.

  • Logging in and profile information
  • Analytics
  • A direct feedback channel
  • Identify customer behaviour


Teemu Karenius
+358 40 506 7541

Jarno Kukila
+358 50 435 0859

Jouni Stam
+358 40 544 5315

Atte Kniivilä
Commercial Director
‭+358 50 506 0210‬

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