Olo Group

”A user friendly tool”

Yonoton provides digital services for, which is known for its six fine dining restaurants, wine bars and catering service.

Olo Group’s restaurants include Finland’s only Michelin star restaurant.

Yonoton´s table tablet service is used in Olo Group´s restaurants. This enables customers to flip through menu and make orders directly from their table. Orders go directly to kitchen staff. This improves customer experience and also eases waitresses work.

Petri Lukkarinen, Jussi Lehtonen, Tiina Kontkanen, Kalle Tanner and Pekka Terävä.

Ordering system has been integrated into Kassamagneetti’s Restolution cash registers.

Yonoton is currently building an application to bring in all Olo Groups businesses into one platform and under the same brand.

– We are convinced that customers want to participate on service processes. Through Yonoton’s easy to use digital services, we can offer our customers unique experiences. By collecting data, we constantly learn to understand our customers. This helps marketing and increases engagement, Olo Group’s CEO Petri Lukkarinen clarifies.


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