Yonoton digitalises Sodexo’s restaurants

Sodexo aims to streamline the customer experience in their restaurants by adopting a digital service designed by Yonoton. The goal is to switch to cashless payment and gradually digitize payment transactions in Sodexo’s restaurants and cafes in Finland. Sodexo runs 34,000 restaurants in almost 80 countries and employs 460,000 people.

“Large customer volumes are common to all Sodexo’s different operational environments, but nobody wants to use their limited lunch break standing in a queue,” says Sodexo’s Market & Offer Manager Pirita Pohjanne.

“We want to develop our services constantly with our clients’ best interests in mind. Digital payments speed up the transactions, and the customers can pay either on self-service checkouts or with Sodexo Restaurants application that enables also ordering in advance,” Pohjanne continues.

Yonoton was an obvious choice

The Sodexo Restaurants application reduces the Sodexo personnel’s manual cash handling. With the application it is also easy to target benefits to customers, and at Sodexo they believe that the gathered data will help to, for example, predict customer flows and optimize food production, which will, in turn, reduce food waste.

“Yonoton was an obvious choice for our partner in designing the application. With Powered by Yonoton service platform’s existing features that are already in use in hundreds of places we could develop the application to suit perfectly to our specific client needs”, says Pirita Pohjanne

The Sodexo Restaurants app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store. First, the Sodexo Restaurants app will be introduced to Sodexo’s international client for nearly 3,600 employees.

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Sodexo is the worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services. These services enhance the clients’ efficiency in both individual and organisational levels. Sodexo serves daily over 100 million customers by offering a unique combination of services implemented in the client’s premises, benefit and reward services, and also personal and home services.

Yonoton Ltd.  is a digital service dedicated to provide ultimate customer experience and maximise revenue for businesses. Yonoton services are used in over 3.500 annual events from restaurants, theme parks to brick & mortar stores and mass events. Yonoton has won several prestige competitions for its innovation, design and concept.


More information

Pirita Pohjanne,Market & Offer Manager, Sodexo, +358 50 538 0265

Teemu Karenius, CEO, Yonoton Oy, +358 40 506 7541