Vierumäki – Europe’s biggest sport theme park

One of Yonoton’s most interesting partners is Europe’s biggest sports and leisure centre Vierumäki. The main owner of Vierumäki through his investment company Keele Ltd is the founder of energy group ST1 Mika Anttonen. Vierumäki decided to develop their digital services to use them as a communication channel and to make purchasing easier. Their goal is to grow into one of the world’s most innovative sports theme parks by using modern digital services.

“Yonoton application was perfect for us”, says Vierumäki Customer Experience Director Mikko Ahonen. “Through the new application customers will be able to, for example, reserve playing fields and order food and drinks from our restaurant. We can inform them about events and current activities, and there will also be an interactive map and loyalty programmes integrated into the application. New Vierumäki Friends -service will be launched at the end of October”, Ahonen continues.

Vierumäki’s vast service selection with 300 sports activity choices is presented clearly in the application, and when a customer spots something interesting, purchases and reservations are made possible immediately.

“Vierumäki organisation benefits as we get useful data about client behavior and movements through the application. With that information we can target our marketing more precisely. We also strongly believe that making purchasing easier will increase sales. Our employees, on their part, will benefit when the amount of manual work and the number of reservation calls decrease”, says Mikko Ahonen.

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Vierumäki is Europe’s biggest and most versatile sports and leisure centre, and also the home of renowned The Sport Institute of Finland. Vierumäki was founded in 1927, and it attracts 400.000 visitors annually. At the centre there are over 300 sports activities to choose from and accommodation for 1.800 people.


More information:

Mikko Ahonen, Customer Experience Director, Vierumäki, +358 50 302 2417

Teemu Karenius, CEO, Yonoton, +358 40 506 7541