Yonoton Will Turn Queues Into Money!

Yonoton is the app for queue haters. Fans can order food, drinks and merchandise with simplicity and ease. Products are delivered right to your seat, or they can be picked up from a queueless kiosks.


Frequently Asked Questions

User section

So, what is Yonoton?

Yonoton is a mobile app that revolutionizes the mass event experience by removing queues.

Why should I use it?

No one likes queueing, right? Standing in a queue is an annoying way of wasting your time but by using Yonoton you will not only save time but also your sanity.

Where can I download the app?

If you’re using an iPhone you can download it from the App Store. Android users can download it from the Play Store.

Will it work on my phone?

If you’re using a smartphone that has either the App Store or the Play Store then yeah, it will.

But how much will it cost for me to use Yonoton?

Nothing! The app itself is free and the orders you place via the app won’t cost you anything extra compared to the bar/restaurant prices.

Where can Yonoton be used?

At the moment you can use Yonoton in all events at Gatorade Center (Turku), Energia-Areena (Oulu), Mikkelin jäähalli (Mikkeli), Vaasa Areena (Vaasa) and Kivikylän Areena (Rauma). These include, for example, the Liiga games of TPS, Kärpät, Jukurit, Sport and Lukko.

Can I pay with the app or will I pay for my products when I pick them up?

You pay directly via the app using your debit or credit card. And yes, we accept Visa Electron cards too.

Can I store the details of more than one of my bank cards in the app?

Absolutely! You can store the details of all your cards if you want, whether it be your company’s business card or your personal debit/credit card.

Ok, well what about receipts?

The receipt will be sent directly to your email. Business customers can save financial administration or accounting company’s address as their email address. No more monthly chaos with paper receipts!

Is it safe to pay through Yonoton though?

Yes it is. We work with Verifone to secure the safety of the transactions. You use the services of the same company daily when you are for example paying at the shops.

What if something goes wrong with my order? Will I get my money back?

If there is a problem with an order for some reason, don’t worry! The staff at Yonoton fast lane stands will decline your order and the authorization hold will fall off.

Ok, well what if I place an order and then my phone battery dies?

No problem! If you already paid it, the staff at our fast lane stands can see your order if you tell them your name.

What products can I order with Yonoton?

This depends on the venue where you are. The easiest way to check this is to open our app and check the selection from there. If you want a certain product to be added to the selection you can always contact us and we will forward the message to the club.

Can I order alcohol to my seat?

Unfortunately not. The Finnish alcohol laws forbid this. If you wish to enjoy alcoholic beverages you need to pick them up at our fast lane stands - a great option, too!

How fast will you deliver my order to my seat?

This depends on how many orders we are working simultaneously with but usually they are delivered within 5 minutes.

Where do I get my order?

You can either pick it up at our Yonoton fast lane stands or order it straight to your seat. If you want to surprise a friend you can also order the products straight to his/her seat.

So what if the internet connection is not working at the event I’m attending?

The mobile network connection should work without any problems in all Yonoton venues. If, however, there is a problem with the connection after you pay, you can pick up the product at our fast lane stands by telling your name.

What if there is a queue at the Yonoton fast lane stands?

Well the products have been paid and prepared in advance so the queues simply won’t start forming! When you head up to the fast lane stand a member of the staff will simply read the QR-code from your phone and after that you are ready to go!

Why isn’t Yonoton in use in my hometown arena yet?

We want to remove queues from all places and that’s why we are coming to your hometown, too, for sure. You can, of course, speed up the process by contacting your club or letting us know where Yonoton is needed. You can email us at info@yonoton.com

Merchant section

Will this cause extra work for our staff?

No it won’t. The customer takes care of the payment him/herself and, in addition, the work load will be more evenly spread when the orders will come also during the period as well as before the game.

Is it difficult to use the device for processing Yonoton orders?

Absolutely not. We have developed the service in co-operation with catering business professionals. Receiving and confirming an order takes just two taps on a tablet. We promise that your staff will learn to use our system in one minute.

Is the in-seat delivery in use during the intermissions?

No. The Yonoton system restricts the in-seat deliveries so that they can only be placed during periods.

How will we know when someone orders a product?

You can see your orders via a tablet that we will provide. You mark the order as 'in process' by touching the tablet’s screen.

What if we have technical issues?

We ensure in advance that the venue has a stable enough internet connection for Yonoton.

What is the quickness of Yonoton based on?

It is based on the customer choosing their products and paying beforehand, after which the order is prepared. Only at this point the customer is asked to pick up the product.

What do we do if an underaged person or someone who is too drunk has ordered alcoholic beverages?

You can evaluate the age and condition of the customer when they pick their product up. If needed, the order can still be cancelled and the money will be refunded to the customer’s account.

Can the customers order products before the event starts?

Yes they can, and we believe this will become very popular. You can order and pay in advance for products you want to enjoy, for example during second intermission. Especially business clients and those attending with a big group have been enthusiastic about this.

Do we need to incorporate Yonoton into our cash register system?

No. A Yonoton report, along with the analytics, will automatically be sent to the restaurant manager’s email as soon as the event ends.

How long will it take if we want to start using Yonoton?

It will take around 1 to 2 days. We will take care of installing and testing the devices as well as placing the embellishments at the stands.

And what do we need to provide?

All we need from the venue are the product lists with the prices and a seating chart.

Is it safe to pay via Yonoton?

Yes. Verifone secures the payments. The money from the orders goes straight into the event organizers’ account.

If we run out of a product can the customers see it?

You can use the tablet to mark it as not available. In this way the customers won’t be able to buy it.

Is it easy to edit our product lists?

Very easy. You can add or delete products or, for example, change their prices with the tablet.

Is the QR-code system reliable enough? What if we give an order to a wrong customer?

The odds of two customers getting the same QR-code are around one to 127 million. The odds of this happening at the same time in the same place is non-existent.

What products can we place on Yonoton app?

That is completely up to you. In addition to the food and drinks it is possible to order fan products via the app in many cities.

Is there another service just like Yonoton in any other country in Europe?

No. A digital consumer experience like Yonoton’s is only available in a handful of American venues.

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