Happy customers and more sales


What is Yonoton, what are you doing?


Yonoton is a versatile digital service that takes the customer experience to the next level by offering simple, fast and fun way to choose and pay for products. By speeding up the payment processes, we’ll provide clubs, venue operators and partners a powerfull tool to maximize revenue and do targeted marketing.


Is Yonoton able to improve the customer/fan experience?


Yes, we improve the customer experience in many ways. We believe that no one should be standing on long queues, but instead get their products quickly and enjoy the game. Fans can have products delivered directly to their seats. Or they can pick up pre-orders from queueless kiosks at the halftime. Not to mention fan engagement through casual games, time related promotions, loyality programmes, etc.


What is your main goal?


Our goal is to digitalize the whole mass event process, in such way that fans can pay everything by their mobile phone, from tickets to season tickets. Both, fans and businesses, benefit from this. Fans enjoy the event and can fully focus on the game without stressfull queuing. Businessess get real-time customer data, gain knowledge on how to serve fans better and of course save expences. We are currently looking for digital minded partners and have several negotiations on-going in Central Europe.


How does Yonoton work and how fast can clubs implement it in their stadiums?


We are flexible and currently have three options: native app, white label or combination of these two. We currently do more than 500 events a year. Our strong digital and conceptual experience enables a quick start without painfull integrations. We can get things running at venues as fast as within 1-2 days.


Are you still developing Yonoton? In which direction?


Developing of our service is a continious process. We are currectly finishing our automated marketing service, which combined with our brand new realtime analytics service will be a killer combination. Our aim is to build the most powerfull and future-forward technology tool to operate various of events and help making them more profitable.




Founders: Teemu Karenius (CEO), Jouni Stam (CTO) and Mikko Väisänen (CSO)

Shareholders (21): including many current and past pro-athletes: FC Liverpool’s Sami Hyypiä, FC Barcelona Lassa’s Petteri Koponen, Eintracht Frankfurt´s Lukas Hradecky, Bayer Leverkusen’s Joel Pohjanpalo, Bröndby’s Teemu Pukki and Tottenham’s Teemu Tainio.

Clients: 35 (venues, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, festivals, music halls, etc.)

In sports: 11 football, ice hockey and basketball venues.

Recognitions: World Football Summit 2017 StartCup finalist, Grand One Gala 2017 (best mobile app and design), Blue Arrow 2017 (most viable business), Sports Smash 2016 finalist.

Founded: 2016

Employees: 8

Headquarter: Espoo, Finland