MySodexo - digitalising restaurant experiences

Powered by Yonoton has helped one of the world's largest restaurant service operators, Sodexo, to digitalize their restaurant operations in multiple countries.

Sodexo uses Yonoton's full-fletch omnichannel solutions: mobile ordering, point-of-sale system, self-service kiosks and self-checkout stations.

Services are used in numerous of different locations such as hospitals, workplace canteens, factory restaurants, universities and even on offshore rig fleets by the Nordic sea. 

Watch below how fully digitalised employee restaurant flow goes with minimum number of staff needed. 

More about MySodexo in HERE  

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Mini-POS by: Nets, Softpay and Yonoton


Nets, Softpay and SunMi have joined forces to integrate SoftPOS technology into Yonoton digital platform.

Coor and Yonoton start cooperation to digitize restaurants


Yonoton, a leading expert in digital ordering and payment services for the hospitality and entertainment sector announces a cooperation with Coor, a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics. Coor runs a large number of restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Yonoton into partnership with SunMi and Softpay


When SUNMI partners join forces to create an innovative all-in-one solution

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