NoHo Partners Plc is a restaurant group behind over 250 restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and entertainment centers.


NoHo Partners Plc is a restaurant group behind over 250 restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and entertainment centers. The Group has a significant foothold in Finland as well as restaurant operations in Denmark and in Norway and, in the future, other parts of Northern Europe. It is the vision of NoHo Partners to achieve a turnover of over MEUR 600 by 2021 and to be the most significant restaurant company in Northern Europe.




Finland, Denmark, Norway


New application includes 200 NoHo restaurants. Through service clients can easily find the nearest restaurants, receive news and discounts. Membership benefits such as personnel, VIP and stamp cards can be found digitally. Customers are able to monitor opening times of restaurants and to get directions with the help of interactive maps.

It is also simple to pre-order and make purchases by application, as well as to give real time customer feedback. Through application NoHo can observe and understand about purchase behaviour of customers, do highly targeted and automated marketing. In the core is to create and nurture customer relationship. SEE VIDEO IN HERE!


Yonoton is a versatile SaaS-platform that manages digital ordering and purchase processes. Yonoton’s revenue-driven technology is designed truly flexible and scalable to provide the perfect fit for various needs within the scope of different venues ranging from global restaurant and night club chains to theme parks and mass events.

The most obvious benefits of application is that customers can now order and purchase products in advance. Companies such as Starbucks has shown us how making customer journey and purchase processes easier, can increase sales.

Aku Vikström
CEO NoHo Partners 


With +250 of the shelf features to choose from, you can build a service that exactly matches yours and your customer’s needs.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Through our partners such as Adyen, Nets and AfterPay, we support hundreds of different in-app payment methods.

Home delivery tools

Home delivery tools

Do you want to deliver products to your customers to their home or office? We have a fully fletched home delivery infrastructure that can be used together with our integrated delivery partners Fiuge, Droppx, etc.

Delivery options

Delivery options

Get timed home delivery, pick up, office delivery, take-away, seat or table delivery or take advantage of our ice cream truck features.



Keep your customers informed by sending push notifications, offer activation codes, discounts, and organise raffles and competitions.



Increase your customers loyalty by providing digital gift cards, loyalty scheme, stamp cards, scratch cards, vouchers, and more.

Tickets / access control

Tickets / access control

Sell anything and everything digitally via Yonoton, such as tickets to your night clubs. We also provide technology for access control. No commission!


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