Technical Service Description

The Powered by Yonoton -framework is a complete set of tools and services for operating a revenue driven application. All parts of the framework are built to work with each other providing a seamless service experience.

Yonoton data model is built with a business driven mindset to have the most appropriate data in place. In the center of the data model, Yonoton has the data related to purchases and payments. This core is supported by various models critical for a successful operation in a fully mobile service.

The data model readily supports:


Multiple site configurations, Configurable set of app features for each site, Weekly opening hours with support for exceptions, Site types and tagging, Site grouping (e.g. a chain with multiple sites), Contact details management to support separate contact details for different purposes, Images supporting site’s main image, logo image, gallery images with descriptions


Support for multi-merchant setup, Fully customizable set of payment options per merchant, Customizable integration options per merchant, Customizable reporting/accounting options per merchant, Configurable currency per merchant

Outlets (POS)

Configurable set of features per outlet: reporting options, payment capturing options, order flow options, delivery options, preparing and delivery times


Availability times, Weekly availability hours (e.g. happy hour products), Delivery options, Add-on products (only with main product), Product options: Support for multi-level options, Support for priced product options, Categories, tags and sorting options, Support for diets, allergens and alcohol percent, Combination products (e.g. meal with burger and fries), Recommended products (e.g. fries recommended with burger), Main price and support for price categoryOutlets (POS)

Price categories

Price categories with ability to limit to selected merchants, Price category with a possibility to set price for product and category using: Fixed price (e.g. 5€), Price discount relative to product’s main price (e.g. -5€), Price discount percent relative to product’s main price (e.g. -50%)

Calendar and events

Timed events with customizable set of features


Image gallery with tags, Images can be used to all content, Highly optimized and high speed delivery via content delivery network

Purchases and payments

Support for multiple stored payment methods (e.g. credit cards), Support for multi-currency, currency set on merchant level, Item level reporting with support for all item level discounts and delivery/service fees, Support for refunding and refund reportingSupport for multiple stored payment methods (e.g. credit cards), Support for multi-currency, currency set on merchant level, Item level reporting with support for all item level discounts and delivery/service fees, Support for refunding and refund reporting

Geolocation services

Location and geofence based triggering of actions, Address and coordinate based positioning for sites, outlets and users, Distance calculations, Routing and wayfinding on maps


Support for multiple user interface languages, Fully localized and customizable texts for static texts, Readily available English, Finnish, Norwegian and Estonian, Support for multilingual content on products


Profile data, Favorite sites and events, Geolocation and geofencing status, Purchase history, Member level, Administration access and roles, Coupons, tickets and stampcards

Coupons and benefits

Availability times, Configurable options for consuming in app and outside app purchases, Support for various types of benefits such as: Single use coupons, Multi use coupons, Season and membership coupons, Lunch compensation benefits, Support for limiting coupon usage by specific merchant, product, site and member levels, Support for coupons in coupons to group benefits (e.g. VIP card enables various benefits in different sites)

Availability times, Support for limiting stampcard usage by specific merchant, site and member levels, Configurable number of stamps for each stampcard, Configurable amount for auto generating a stamp, Configurable benefit when reaching the stamp count

Activation codes

Availability times, Support for coupon, discount and membership activation codes, Support for predefined and generated codes, Configurable options for once per user and for first purchase only

Shopping cart

Delivery options such as pickup, seat/room, home delivery and virtual, Pickup type options such as eat-in and takeaway, Payment method options, Delivery time options, Item counts and options, Support for discounts, student and employee compensations and benefits

Delivery drivers

Driver configurable contact details, Positioning of drivers, Support for drivers


Publishing times, Support for limiting visibility by favorite sites and member levels


Publishing times, Supports campaigns using push notifications and without, Single run, repeating and triggered campaigns, Support for running a campaign automatically based on triggers such as: Geofence enter, Geofence exit, Event start, Event end, Purchase, Feedback, Membership, Configurable campaign message expiration by specific time or relative to sending time, Separate content for push notification and in app message, Support for call-to-actions on campaign messages such as giving feedback and linking to content, Support for limiting visibility by various parameters such as: favorite sites, geofence enter/exit within a range of time, having specific coupons, member levels, Support for limiting timespan between messages for user


Textual and numeric feedback, Support for linking feedback to a purchase or site, Support for having separate contacting details related to feedback, Support for categorizing feedbacks

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