Softpay and Yonoton streamlines Dyreparken's operations

Yonoton is a partner of Softpay, a leading tap-to-phone technology provider, which together revolutionizes Norway's largest theme parks' operational efficiency.  

Through this collaboration, Dyreparken, Norway's largest and most well-known family and tourist theme park, has harnessed the power of SoftPOS-technology to enhance its mobile workforce capabilities and eliminate manual work hours.  

Before embracing the Yonoton POS combined with Softpay's app switch -payment solution to handheld Yonoton POS’ses, Dyreparken faced a critical challenge. During the peak season, the theme park needed help to scale its payment acceptance processes efficiently. With limited number of traditional payment terminals and the need to manually record sales, they encountered inefficiencies in their operations.  

Dyreparken's adoption of the Yonoton and Softpay solution has significantly impacted their operations. This tap-to-pay-solution has been employed across multiple locations within the park, improving the customer experience and streamlining transactions. Whether at the night show, where employees serve seated guests or those on their way to the outdoor theater, or at smaller kiosks offering various products, the solution has provided remarkable flexibility and convenience.   

Unlocking Mobility and Efficiency 

One of the standout benefits of the Yonoton and Softpay solution is its mobility. With all the necessary tools integrated into a single device, the Sunmi V2s Plus, and the capability to operate on cellular networks, Dyreparken is no longer constrained by the availability of Wi-Fi or LAN connections.  

This flexibility allows them to establish additional outlets during peak seasons, overcoming the limitations of their existing infrastructure.  

"Mini-POS experience is something we have sought for many years. It covers an area for which we hadn't found good solutions that are integrated in the same way as other POS devices to the same POS system we use," says Vidar Skåra, IT manager at Dyreparken.  

Thanks to the partnership between Yonoton and Softpay, Dyreparken has optimized its payment operations, eliminated manual work, and improved its overall customer experience. '

This successful collaboration represents a remarkable transformation in the way theme parks manage their payments, setting the stage for a bright and efficient future.  

"Yonoton has been partners with Dyreparken since 2019 providing them a mobile ordering, Point-of-Sale, NFC-wristband payments and various self-service solutions throughout the park. Yonoton’s Mini-POS has been a great addition to Dyreparken with over 30 handheld units being used actively over the high season", reveals Teemu Karenius, CEO at Yonoton.

This year, a total of 222 million NOK's worth of sales were done at Dyreparken via Yonoton sales channels. 

Mini-POS solution is widely used in several clients of Yonoton such as Sodexo (Finland, Sweden and Norway), Funplays (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), Moominworld and Fårup Sommerland

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