Yonoton and Bork Horeca partner up in The Netherlands

The partnership will offer a better experience and modern digital sales channels to businesses in Benelux.

Gilze, Netherlands, 15th of March 2022. Today Yonoton, the leading expert in digital ordering service for the hospitality and entertainment sector, and Bork Horeca, one of Netherland’s largest resellers of hospitality and retail solutions, started a partnership. The new partnership will allow Bork Horeca’s customers to benefit from the Powered by Yonoton’s versatile omnichannel platform when taking in payments and orders via multiple sales channels.  

Bork Hospitality Industries is proud to announce that Yonoton in The Netherlands is a fact. Founded in 1983 Bork has been a solid player in the Hospitality automation market.

Delivering powerful and innovative software implementations for Restaurants, Bars and Kitchens to over 1000 venues, Bork has become renowned for its customer driven approach and service.

"We've been looking for an addition to our current product line and Yonoton provides the flexibility and power needed to take on new markets. When the opportunity arose to start a Partnership with Yonoton Finland to introduce the platform's versatile omnichannel functionalities into the Benelux Theme Park, Banqueting and Hotel industry it was a done deal. We believe the innovative approach of Yonoton and our own experience will offer the ultimate hybrid-software solution for multiple branches, and we are proud we are able to say we are official Partners', says Pim Brokken, The CEO at Bork Horeca.  

Bork is proud to add Yonoton to its current portfolio and is looking forward to a thriving partnership to take on a new and exciting place in the Benelux market.

The biggest asset of Yonoton’s platform is that it enables its clients to manage everything simply from one place, regardless of the sales channel. All Powered by Yonoton platform’s products work seamlessly together. Products include mobile ordering solutions (app & webshop), point-of-sale-systems, self-check-out stations and self-service kiosks. 

“Up to this date, we have mainly been operating in the Nordic countries with large enterprise level customers. Benelux countries have been on our radar for a long time and we already have good experience of working with Dutch companies such as payment provider Adyen. We have prepared our partnership with Bork Horeca for some time now and are excited to finally get things rolling", says Teemu Karenius, CEO at Yonoton.

As part of this newly formed partnership - the counterparts will be publishing the first new restaurant and theme park clients in the upcoming weeks. 


About Bork Horeca

Bork Hospitality Industries is a distributor of multiple Software and Hardware implementations for the restaurant, hotel and banqueting industry. Providing a fitting solution for every company. www.Bork.nl

Contact Information:
Pepijn Langerhorst
Yonoton Netherlands
+31 085 004 7950

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