PoS features and service flows

A cash register, and an ordering and management interface for the Powered by Yonoton platform.


1.1 Employee login

1.2 Scan ID

Shopping basket

2.1 Product grouping

2.2 Product info and favourites

2.3 Product options

2.4 Product option by weight

2.5 Edit order

2.6 Item management

2.7 Deposit handling

2.8 Quick Quantity

2.9 Open product

Delivery options

3.1 A la carte

3.2 Fast casual ordering

3.3 Time slot ordering

Cash handling

4.1 Updating cash float

Order history

5.1 Order history and receipt view

5.2 Print receipt

5.3 Refund

Payment methods

6.1 Payment method selection

6.2 Cash payments

6.3 Integrated card terminal payments

6.4 NFC payments

6.5 Quickpay


7.1 List price discount

7.2 Manual discounts

7.3 Loyalty and coupon discounts

Code scanning

8.1 Scanning products

8.2 Loyalty, gift card and staff discount scanning

Receipt printing

9.1 Sales receipt

9.2 Refund receipt

Kitchen work orders

10.1 Send order to Yorma

Table management

11.1 Add table

11.2 Edit table

11.3 Split bill by amount

11.4 Split bill by items

11.5 Move items to all bills

11.6 Move items to selected bill

11.7 Split individual item

11.8 Split bundled item

NFC management

12.1 Wristband recognition

12.2 Wristband onboarding

12.3 Wristband cash user

12.4 Wristband app user

12.5 Wristband customer facing screen

Customer facing screen

13.1 Order details

13.2 Vipps & MobilePay payment screen

13.3 NFC Payment

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