At Chaos we decided to go our own way and give our customers free reigns. Go crazy, we say! The only rule is: there are no rules. Build your own cosmos from the chaos of beautiful tastes around the world.


Chaos restaurant is located in the trendy area of Helsinki, Punavuori. The menu is a controlled chaos designed by chef Jenni Tuominen with the best flavors of different countries. Chaos operates in the two stories: upstairs for a drink or to enjoy our 1-2 servings of food in a tapas style and downstairs offers a mind-blowing Á la carte experience.






Chaos Restaurant uses Yonoton's full fletch omnichannel service: the point-of-sale system, waitressess mPos where orders are taken in and sent directly to kitchen's order management system and/or to receipt printers and to kitchen display systetems. Customers are able to process their orders (and payments) directly to kitchen via Chaos app. In practice, customer no longer has to wait for a waiter. With the application, Chaos restaurant is able to invest more, both into their kitchen, in the scope of the menu and in the speed of the service.


Yonoton is a versatile digital platform for digital ordering and purchases. Yonoton’s true omnichannel SaaS platform is widely used within the international hospitality and entertainment industries. One platform for branded application, PoS (Point of Sale), webordering, self-service kiosks and NFC payments. Our clients are privileged to manage everything from one digital platform. Yonoton offers an extensive set of ready-made, battle tested features and integrations to support your requirements and wildest desires - now and in the future.

Chaos uses Yonoton's full fletch omnichannel service: applications, the point-of-sale system, mPos where orders are taken from the table and sent directly to kitchen's digtal order management system.


With dozens of the shelf features to choose from, you can build a service that exactly matches yours and your customer’s needs.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Through our partners such as Adyen, Nets, VIPPS, MobilePay and AfterPay, we support dozens of different in-app payment methods.

Home delivery tools

Home delivery tools

Do you want to deliver products to your customers to their home or office? We have a fully fletched home delivery infrastructure.

Delivery options

Delivery options

Get timed home delivery, meeting room or office delivery, take-away, seat or table delivery.



Keep your customers informed by sending push notifications, offer activation codes and special discounts.



Increase your customers loyalty by providing incresed loyalty, vouchers, activation codes and more.

Tickets / access control

Tickets / access control

Sell anything and everything digitally via Yonoton, such as tickets. We also provide technology for access control. No commission!





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