Self-service kiosks

Save time and serve your customers faster than ever by deploying our self-service kiosks. Handle everything from products and pricing, to inventory and images from one place – the Yonoton Management Console. Keep everything synchronized regardless of the platform (app, web ordering, kiosk, etc.). Watch a video in HERE


With dozens and dozens of features to choose from, you can build an app that matches yours and your customers needs exactly.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Through our partners such as Adyen, Nets,, we support hundreds of different in-app payment methods. Also physical cards or NFC payments.



Increase customer loyalty by providing digital vouchers via Powered by Yonoton App. Customers get discounts by scanning QR code. The merchant identies its kiosk customers!

Order screens

Order screens

Get order ID number and follow the preparation time from the restaurant's customer order status screens. Screens (works also on mobile webview) show orders from all sales channels (PoS, kiosk, app and web) and indicates when orders are ready for pick up.

Easy customization

Easy customization

Create your own menus, run campaigns, set up voucher deals or send urgent information. You can manage and run the same procedures and updates simultaneously in all channels.



Sell more products via your kiosks by upsell features providing deals that lead your customers to to increase their basket value.



Powered by Yonoton cloud-based softwares work on Android devices. Big or small, it’s up to you to decide the need. This gives a variety of different mobile-driven, light weight and cost efficient options.

Quick ordering

Let your customers make purchases food & beverages whenever they want and however they desire. Option to customize to upsell-mode or one-click ordering. Yonoton Kiosk is a self-service platform distributed as SaaS on Android devices. We also enable payment terminal-less payment solutions, where customer taps card on screen to pay. This avoid payment terminals' monthly fees and saves expenses. 

Sell tickets

Selling tickets from the ordinary manned booths isn’t the most profitable way to sell. Save on operational costs - start selling tickets from the same kiosks you use to sell your food & beverages. In addition, we highly recommend you use our app sales and webshops. After all they run on the same platform and everything is synchronised. FYI, we don’t take any commission! 

Order status

Take advantage of the new technologies by enabling your customers to make orders and purchases via multiple sales channels. Status of orders can be easilly monitored from the status sceens. All orders regardless of the sales channels (app, webshop, self-service-kiosk, Point-of-sale) appear on the same status screen. Status screen can be also monitored from you own mobile device, simply byscanning a QR-code from the purchase receipt. 

Kiosk & PoS -in one

Cashier can switch Yonoton Kiosk into a PoS -mode within seconds. And the same again from the PoS mode to Kiosk mode. This function on the Yonoton software makes devices more versatile as ever and also saves hardware costs. E.g. restaurant cashier can single handedly switch Kiosks to PoS'ses depending on the time and rush hour of the day. 

NFC payments

Take advantage of the new technologies by taking payments through NFC chips (wristbands, key chains, key cards, etc). Enable your customers to make NFC or RFID payments at the kiosks and provide them with a walletless experience. We also enable payment terminal-less payment solutions, where customer taps card on screen to pay. This avoid payment terminals' monthly fees and saves expenses. 


We have partnered with several hardware manufacturers such as SunMi and Elo. Therefore Yonoton can offer you all the needed PoS, kiosk and order management system hardware or the support services. Via Yonoton’s MDM’s (mobile device management) it is possible to operate kiosks remotely with simplicity. Hardwares can also be offered through HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) model. 

The customer behaviour has drastically changed more or less permanently due to COVID19. We have to be able to offer our customers new ways to order our products safely. These include self-service kiosks, take-away counters, pre-ordering option, table or home deliveries with the help of digital services.

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