Take advantage of new technologies by taking payments and identifying through NFC chips (wristbands, key chains, key cards, etc). This is especially handy in locations where your customers aren’t able to carry mobile devices with them, like waterparks.


With dozens and dozens of features to choose from, you can build an app that matches yours and your customers needs exactly.

Easy onboarding

Easy onboarding

Customers can connect their payment method with the encrypted chip into the app. This process doesn’t require your staff's involvement.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

Through our partners such as Adyen, Nets and AfterPay, we support hundreds of different payment methods on NFC card or wristbands.



If you prefer, you can also set limits to your account on how much you can spend and on what product groups.

Family schemes

Family schemes

Parents can pair their entire family for one account and name different chips on certain payment methods. Parents can monitor their children's spending.

Employee cards

Employee cards

Employee cards can be used to identify staff at the time of purchase. If staff has e.g. company or government compensated lunch, this can be taken into account.



Buy tickets from the app and connect it to your chip with simplicity. You can now easily upgrade your wristband-ticket by using the app.

Why wristbands and electronic ID badges?

The integration with the Yonoton platform provides an opportunity for the merchants to use wristbands and ID badges to reduce the number of visitor waiting times at various entrances and sales locations. Wristbands render quick and easy cashless payment opportunities at food and beverage outlets, gift shops, and more. Wristband payment takes approximately half the time compared to using credit cards or cash.

Wristband onboarding

The customer types a 6 digit number into the application from behind the wristband or optionally scan the barcode. They then choose the preferred payment method from the application. After this procedure, the wristband becomes their payment tool.

Child wristband onboarding

Using wristbands, visitors do not need to distribute cash to the children or other family members or friends. The parent’s payment method will be used for the child wristband and the parent can choose the amount available. All the parent needs to do is to connect the child wristband to his/her account and indicate that the bracelet will be used by a child.

Synched with the PoS / App

NFC purchases is a module where consumers can transact with the PoS device with their NFC chips. The chips are connected to an app or a web-based site where the user can set their preferred payment method for the chip. The NFC scheme needs these components in order to work as hardware and software.

Our application turned out to be more essential than ever, during the COVID-19. All meals were pre-ordered through the app, wayfinding, activity program and even buying ice cream and beverages was done within the app. We managed to get more (220.000) app downloads than ever before, with over 80% of our visiting families having the app.

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