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An optimised point of sale experience for your staff and customers. Yonoton POS is a cash register, and an ordering and management interface for the Powered by Yonoton platform. Yonoton POS is a seamless experience that ties together all the customer interfaces into one management platform. It is an interface that allows customers to interact with the Yonoton platform without downloading an app. Watch a Yonoton POS video in HERE


POS seamlessly integrated into the customer profile in the App. This means that user details can be fetched, and discounts, tickets, preferential pricing etc. can be utilized in the POS in addition to the App.


With dozens and dozens of features to choose from, you can build an app that matches yours and your customers needs exactly.

Hardware agnostic

Hardware agnostic

Powered by Yonoton cloud-based softwares work on Android devices. Big or small, it’s up to you to decide the need. This gives a variety of different mobile-driven, light weight and cost efficient options.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

Through our partners such as Adyen, Nets and VIPPS, we support hundreds of different in-app payment methods, physical card or cash payments.

Wait staff custom view

Wait staff custom view

There is often a difference in usage, if the POS is used behind the counter as a tabletop, or hand held. We made a version for both, so everyone will remain happy!

Offline capabilities

Offline capabilities

Unstable network? It sucks, but it would suck more, if you had to stop sales because of it. We can manage through network problems with offline cache.

NFC payments

NFC payments

Sometimes paying with your phone, card etc is not optimal for the occasion. We can store the payment method of yours to a chip (wrisband, card, pin, whatever) and the users can just tap and go. The purchasing will take approximately 1,7 seconds this way.

Basic features

Basic features

Even when the POS is loaded with modern cool features, we haven’t forgotten the basic features that need to be met. We have also made some tweaks to make the POS more user friendly. We are all different, so the single user can modify the views in the POS to match his/her needs.

POS & Kiosk in one

Cashier can single handedly switch Yonoton POS into a kiosk -mode within seconds. And the same again from the kiosk mode to POS mode. This feature on the Yonoton software makes devices more versatile as ever and also saves hardware costs. E.g. restaurant cashier can switch POS to kiosk depending on the time and rush hour of the day. 

Also a terminal

Yonoton technology also enables that the handheld devices can be switched into a payment terminal to work smoothly together with desktop POS. Staff can place orders from the Yonoton desktop POS and take card or mobile payments from the handheld device. No need for traditional one-purpose-only payment terminals. 

NO NEED for payment terminals

Yonoton has built an unique solution that eliminates a need for traditional payment terminals to take payments. This solution saves you money, since you no more need to pay monthly fees of the payment terminals. See how it works in HERE

Mini POS

One can use Yonoton’s point of sale application also on handheld devices to do sales where ever and when ever. Softpay or Viva.com-technology enables easy tap-in-payments with cards and  mobile payments. See video in HERE and HERE

POS tablets

Staff can also benefit using the same PoS software on various sized screens to send orders directly to kitchen. Waiter/ waitress can manage table orders easily using the Table Management function. Customer bills can be split amongst a group of customers who sit at the same table. Bills can also be split evenly or various other ways. Devices' NFC chip enables tap-in-payments. 

Table management

Staff can see what the status of the active table is from inside the POS. It has been made easy to add to orders or assign tables. Customers can pay at the end of their visit or partial payment can be done at any stage of the stay. Read more in HERE!

Reporting service

The Yonoton POS includes integration to the Zoined reporting service, which provides reporting and analytics for merchants in different roles, from top management to store managers. The system automatically extracts sales, inventory, and other data into reports from the POS and other Yonoton sales channels. These include searches for trends and insight, updates and insights in store, staff, supplier, and product performance. 


We have partnered with several hardware manufacturers such as Sunmi and Elo. Therefore Yonoton can offer you all the needed POS, kiosk and order management system hardware or the support services. Via Yonoton’s MDM’s (mobile device management) it is possible to operate POS and order management system remotely with simplicity. Hardwares can also be offered through HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) model. 

Order status

Take advantage of the new technologies by enabling your customers to make orders and purchases via multiple sales channels. Status of orders can be easilly monitored from the status sceens. All orders regardless of the sales channels (app, webshop, self-service-kiosk, Point-of-sale) appear on the same status screen. Status screen can be also monitored from you own mobile device, simply byscanning a QR-code from the purchase receipt. 

Our application turned out to be more essential than ever, during the COVID-19. All meals were pre-ordered through the app, wayfinding, activity program and even buying ice cream and beverages was done within the app. We managed to get more (220.000) app downloads than ever before, with over 80% of our visiting families having the app.

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