Allow your customers to purchase through an online system to maximise your revenue potential. Yonoton Web ordering is created as modular frames that can be inserted into any website. Features that exists in the application will be at the disposal of the webshop


Powered by all essential functions to boost sales, you can build a sales channel that matches yours and your customers needs exactly.

Web Search engine optimized

Web Search engine optimized

Having your own webshop will increase your brand and products visibility on e.g. Google web searches. This means more traffic to your webshop.

No downloading

No downloading

Webshop is a super easy ordering system for your customers since it doesn’t require them downloading anything. App’s are beneficial for “heavy users” & loyal customers; webshops are a good option for more random visitors.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

Through our partners such as Adyen, Nets, VIPPS, MobilePay, we support multiple of different payment methods.

Quick implementation

Quick implementation

We can set up your web ordering sales channel for you within hours. Webshop-module will be implemented on your company’s website - your own brand!



Sell more products via your webshop by providing deals that lead your customers to to increase their basket value.

Purchase without logging

Purchase without logging

Don’t lose any customers. Your customers can make orders and make payments without even logging into your account or saving any information.


Don’t let your customers stand in line. Let them order, pay, pick up or get their order delivered using any device. By using a digital ordering system, you will increase your revenue by 24%. You will also learn who your customers are and what they do. Knowledge is power! 


How do you stand out from your competitors and do you have loyal customers? We have tools for you to increase customer loyalty. We challenge you to go digital all the way and take advantage of our digital activation codes. 

Meeting room ordering

Yonoton specialises on workplace canteen restaurant industry. As an additional webshop feature we also provide a meeting room ordering function for clients' internal and external F&B orders. Centralised ordering management platform will collect all orders together making office building's kitchen aware of future orders. 

QR code menus / table ordering

No need for paper menus! Customers can simply scan the QR code at the table to see the menu. They can also make an order to the table (numbered tables) and finnish the payment. Service can be used either at the app or web. QR code menus are super beneficial for all restaurants. 

Most of our content and operative customer management works through Night Lite’s CMS. For the benefit of Night lite -app, we have been able to give up gift cards, flyers, promotion coupons, and other old-fashioned printed marketing materials. Everything goes through our application with ease and simplicity and we are happy to have 110.000 registered customers within the application. 

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