Yonoton and Busfabriken into cooperation - new digital guest experiences

One of the Nordic countries' largest and most visited family park chain Busfabriken /Eventyrfabrikken has chosen Yonoton, a leading expert in digital food ordering and payment service provider, for its long term digital partner.

Via the cooperation, Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken will digitalize its 12 indoor playlands in Norway, Denmark and Sweden to provide its visitors a modern guest experience.

Busfabriken was established in 2006, to create a meeting place for families with a focus on play, movement, exercise, and joy for the whole family in a safe and clean environment. We have great party rooms with many exciting themes and offer a tasty and fresh menu in our cafés.

Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken is currently in an expansive phase and expects to establish new playlands annually. The goal is to have up to 20  playlands by 2026.

”At Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken, we understand the importance of digitalization. By concentrating all sales channels at the same Yonoton-platform, we aim to reduce manual work steps at the site, improve data quality and user experience in both the guest interface and internally”, says Claus Skovfoged, CEO at Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken. 

Yonoton provides Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken, an application and web ordering platform, to provide digital ticketing and hospitality services for its visitors. Other omniplatform services that will be rolled-out to all sites around Nordics’ include Yonoton’s cloud-based Point-of-Sale system and advanced self-service solutions. 

“Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken is a prime example of a modern company that understands the benefits that digital services provide. We at Yonoton are excited to be providing a full digital platform that will provide Busfabriken / Eventyrfabrikken tools to significantly reduce manual processes and provide frictionless services for the benefit of their visitors”, says Teemu Karenius, CEO at Yonoton.

 The services will be fully rolled out to all sites by the end of the year.


About Busfabriken / Eventyrfabriken :

The Busfabriken was established in 2006, to create a meeting place for families with a focus on play, movement, exercise and joy. The company's success is based on a strong concept of play, activity and movement for the whole family with safety, cleanliness and service as a starting point. Busfabriken provides activities for the whole family in a safe and clean environment, where families can play and exercise together. All playlands have spacious party rooms with many exciting themes and locations offer a tasty menu in cozy restaurants. https://busfabriken.se/

 Busfabriken has 12 playlands in three countries:

  • Sweden: Norrköping, Malmö, Karlskrona, Uppsala, Trestad.
  • Norway : Sarpsborg, Skien, Oslo, Vestby, Billingstad.
  • Denmark: Kokkedal, Ballerup.

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