Yonoton and VIPPS start collaboration in Norway

August 2020 will see two digital payment accelerators joining forces when Yonoton ⁠—specialising in digital ordering and payments⁠— and VIPPS ⁠—the leading mobile payment solution in Norway start collaborating.

Yonoton’s mobile services are already in use in over 500 customer service locations in the Nordics. Among these are Dyreparken, Norway’s largest theme park. As well as restaurant service providers Sodexo and NoHo Partners. 

Via collaboration, VIPPS will be offered as a payment method in Yonoton’s digital services. Making payments is going to get faster and easier in Yonoton applications as you won’t need strong authentication, nor will you have to go through the hassle of inserting your card details, when paying with VIPPS. Payment is safe and simple: VIPPS users will authenticate through their phone’s biometric login or PIN code, and the actual payment will be confirmed with a single swipe.

VIPPS payment application was developed by Norway’s largest financial group DNB, and is now owned by the majority of Norwegian banks, and it has over 3,7 million users. Approximately 70% of Norway’s population is using VIPPS. 

“We believe that we can give our merchants the best solutions through strong collaborations, and are eager to continue our partnership with Yonoton”, says Vegar Heir, Chief Commercial Officer in Vipps AS.

In the Nordics, Yonoton’s custom-built mobile services are used in a variety of different sectors including restaurants, amusement parks, hotel chains and mass events.


Together against Corona

The pandemic will permanently change the way consumers behave. Yonoton’s and VIPPS’s innovative services are responding to the evolving world by offering alternative ways to order and pay. These include self-service check-outs at events and restaurants as well as home delivery and take-away services. Amusement parks will start using smart RFID wristbands which will have mobile payment methods connected to them through the park’s own application. This will encourage customers to choose a more hygienic way of paying.

“We want to offer versatile and fast payment methods for our Norwegian customers. Having VIPPS as an integrated payment-method-option on our service platform has been frequently asked by our customers. We are very excited, and have high expectations from this collaboration,” says Yonoton CEO Teemu Karenius.

VIPPS and Yonoton already work together in Norway at Dyreparken’s theme park, where this summer has been a brilliant example of how technology can be vital tool during the pandemic. The Yonoton built Dyreparken application has been downloaded by 150.000 times. The app has been the only way for visitors to order and pay for food and beverages while visiting the park. Read case study in HERE!

Yonoton and VIPPS will shortly make public other joint clients. The projects will efficiently combine fast and easy ordering and payment services.



Vipps is the leading smart payment and eID provider in the Nordics. The company is collectively owned by 110 Norwegian banks and offers a broad range of payments and digital identification services. Their mobile wallet has achieved worldwide attention, having achieved more than 80 percent market penetration locally. Vipps also provides universal user capabilities across private and public sector through eID and digital signing. The success formula is built on enthusiasm about simplification. Vipps believes in the magic of collaboration and that smart beats first. With the same mindset and operational experience, Vipps is bringing the very best practices from Norway to the international market. For more information, visit our website (www.vipps.io).


About Yonoton 

Yonoton is a versatile SaaS platform that manages digital ordering and purchase processes in the Nordics. Yonoton’s revenue driven services are used within international restaurant and hotel chains to theme parks and mass events. 

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