Yonoton appoint new Software Engineering Director

Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Mikko Poutanen as a Software Engineering Director. 

Poutanen, 37, makes a transition to Yonoton from Vincit, a public software company.

Tell us about your background? 

Early on in my career I’ve worked as a corporate finance consultant in an accounting advisory firm and as an analyst in the financial industry. Later on I found my calling in software development and for the past 7 years have been working as a developer, mainly as a contractor/consultant. 

Why Yonoton? 

The startup scene seems like a great next step in my career. I quickly became convinced of Yonoton’s growth potential and the team, so ultimately it was an easy decision. In addition I know the technology stack in advance, so I believe I’ll be able to add value quickly and gain more in-depth knowledge especially as a React Native Developer/Architect.

Thoughts of jumping from a listed company to a startup?

A large listed company provides many perks and it does sting a bit to give those up. However, Yonoton’s growth potential and the advantages of a small, nimble firm easily make this more of an opportunity. Having gotten to know the team and the business I expect the pace to be quite intense at times. At the same time, I believe I’ll have a lot of freedom to manage my schedule as the firm is more results- than process-oriented.

Yonoton is growing rapidly – your expectations? 

Nobody really wants to wait in a queue when you’re at a concert or watching an exciting match or just enjoying a nice evening out. So the market seems ripe for transformation in Yonoton’s core area of expertise and I believe we are very well placed to take advantage of this opportunity. I’m super excited to be a part of the team and help more and more clients bring their customer experience to a new era.

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