Yonoton appoints Eemeli Heinonen from Vincit

Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Eemeli Heinonen as a Software Developer Heinonen, 30, makes a transition to Yonoton from Vincit, a public software company.

Tell us little bit about your background?

I was a full stack development consultant in my previous workplace, so my daily tasks revolved around web development, with a slight frontend focus. Before I made the jump over to software development, you could find me behind a counter, selling video games. Over the years I’ve had other sales & customer service jobs as well.

Why Yonoton?

As I had worked as a consultant for several years, it was clear the next step in my career would lead me to a product company. When the opportunity to join Yonoton revealed itself, the decision was not a difficult one to make. An interesting product and a team of likeminded hardened professionals reeled me in.

Thoughts of jumping from a listed company to a startup?

It’s exciting to get to join a small team working on our own product. I’m looking forward to getting to know the team, doing some technical sparring and getting to see firsthand as the company and the service grows and develops.

Experience from startups and scaleups?

Nope, this is a first. I believe that a product or service made in a startup will feel more like “our own” compared to a big company, and this gets me excited.

Yonoton is growing rapidly – expectations?

I see the demand of the service growing, as consumers are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of handling their business on their mobile devices. By using the service offered by Yonoton, companies can meet the expectations of their customers and improve the overall customer experience.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Videogames have always been close to my heart and even today I still spend a fair bit of time playing them, as well as playing board games occasionally. I work out to balance out the time spent staring at a screen and often have a book that I’m reading. I’ve also started 3D modelling as a corona time hobby and I’m really looking forward to the situation getting better, so travelling gets safer.

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