Yonoton appoints Teemu Rytsölä from Wunderdog

Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Teemu Rytsölä as a Software Developer.

Teemu Rytsölä, 28, makes a transition to Yonoton from Wunderdog, a premiur digital consulting agency.

Tell us little bit about your background?
I've previously worked with native mobile application development and full web stack development in healthtech and finance domains, as well as a software consultant.

Why Yonoton?
Knowing a member of the development team was definitely a selling point for me, but also the unique opportunity to work in a scale up tech company with an appealing business idea and like-minded team.

Yonoton is growing rapidly  – expectations?
I'm excited to be working with a driven and professional team facing real world problems at scale. I'm sure there are a lot of things for me to learn here.

Experience from scaleups?
Earlier in my career I worked in a startup but I have not worked in a scaleup company yet, I'm looking forward to experiencing the smaller team commitment again.

Yonoton’s future insights?
The demands for these types of services must be growing rapidly since customers are wanting to use various digital payment methods more and more, it's natural that businesses meet the demand.

What do you like to do outside of work?
On my free time I like to do all kinds of sports, wether it be running, gym, floorball or golf, pretty much anything goes. When it's time to unwind, I usually play video games or cook some delicious food. I'm also very inconsistently playing chess to be more consistent at chess, it's not working.

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