Yonoton enters the Icelandic market

Yonoton has entered the Icelandic market by storm via reselling partner Origo. Scaling company's SaaS business platform now across all Nordic countries.

The Finnish technology company Yonoton has joined  Origo's Dispensing Solutions  with a revolutionary solution in self-service and data analysis. Origo group has over 30,000 customers both in Iceland and abroad. The Origo Group has 600 employees and around 140 MEUR in turnover.  

The reaction to the collaboration has not stopped and there is a lot of interest in the solution, as Icelanders have started to get used to similar solutions from well-known restaurant chains on their travels abroad.  

"We are excited about our partnership with Origo. We want to change the game on the Icelandic restaurant market with a solution that has proven to be very successful in the Nordic countries and elsewhere, from smaller companies to large chains. A simpler ordering process results in a better guest experience and lower business operating costs. Companies using Yonoton self-checkout solutions have achieved up to 26% higher average cart value compared to traditional manned checkouts. Our solution truly stands out in the Icelandic market", says Yonoton's CRO, Atte Kniivilä

But how does this work?  

Yonoton manages product selection through the cloud and takes orders, whether from a cash register, a self-service kiosk, an online store or from a smartphone. The system receives payment and sends orders directly to the kitchen for production in the correct chronological order, depending on when the customer requests to have the order processed. Customers can also receive information about ingredient descriptions during the ordering process and can thus, for example, avoid allergens. The customer gets better access to their order process and the wait for the order becomes more comfortable, as the status of the order can be monitored on an information screen or on a smartphone, which greatly improves the guest experience. 

"Yonoton is doing really fun things in the Nordics and Europe. We are very excited about the collaboration and being able to participate in their journey. Yonoton are entering the restaurant market very strongly with fresh eyes and smart solutions thanks to years of experience in self-service. It is nice to report that a well-known restaurant chain in Iceland is well advanced in the installation of Yonoton's solution, and we can expect its full use in the spring", says Sigurjón Hjaltason, Group Manager of Origo's Delivery Solutions. 

Increased sales through improved efficiency

Yonoton's self-service solution increases sales by improving efficiency, offering other options such as expanding or adding to an order each time, as well as offering customization options. The customer facing interface can be visually appealing with menus and product presentations. The solution reduces the chance of errors as customers are enabled to view the selection at their own pace without distraction and confirm their orders before completing them. It reduces the chance of miscommunication and potential loss of revenue due to incorrect orders. Guest wait times are reduced and the number of orders processed increases, especially during peak hours, improving the overall customer experience. 

Increased visibility and lower operating costs

The solution can also save operational costs with the optimization that allows staff to focus on other tasks, providing even better service and faster turnaround. Increased visibility and simplified data analysis combined with inventory management make it easier to identify demand, so operators can manage supply accordingly and prevent product shrinkage.  

Yonoton was founded in 2016 and is already active in 5 countries, with over 3 million users and 728 restaurants in its user base. In addition to restaurants, they service entertainment venues, theme parks,  and canteens.  

Analyzing the data is simple 

Yonoton provides companies with valuable data and insights into customer behavior. By analyzing this data, companies can identify trends and opportunities to optimize their menu offerings and pricing strategies to maximize average cart value. Part of Yonoton's success is a great partnership with data analytics company Zoined. Their analytics tool allows people to easily build their own reports in a very user-friendly interface. The data from Yonoton is directly connected to Zoined so operators get detailed information about their operations such as stock levels, peak hours, interest in products and much more. The system can then send customized automated reports directly to e-mail as appropriate.

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Yonoton enters the Icelandic market


Yonoton has entered the Icelandic market by storm via reselling partner Origo. Scaling company's SaaS business platform now across all Nordic countries.

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