Yonoton x Viva.com

A strategic partnership introducing an innovative Omnichannel Payment Solution for Cloud-based POS Systems. Eliminating traditional payment terminals and complex payment gateways, the Yonoton x Viva.com omnichannel solution enables smooth online and in-person payments’ acceptance everywhere, anytime, with zero hassle and reduced costs.

Helsinki, 16.8.2023 - Yonoton, a leading provider of digital omnichannel ordering and customer engagement solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Viva.com, a leading European cloud-based neobank and a pioneer in next-generation payment solutions. This collaboration brings forth a groundbreaking advancement in the point-of-sale (POS) industry. By integrating Yonoton's cloud-based POS system with Viva.com’s cutting-edge embedded payments platform, payments can be accepted everywhere, anytime, seamlessly without the need for traditional payments hardware or complex checkout systems. The result is an all-in-one POS solution that streamlines operations, and saves business customers resources, while delivering credible, and fast in-person and online transactions with over 30 payment methods. Kespro, Finland’s principal wholesaler in the foodservice sector, is the first retailer to embrace the innovative solution, making its debut at their autumn Fair series, kicking off in Lahti, on September 5. 

By leveraging the power of the innovative Viva Terminal App with Tap to Pay technology and the conversion-optimizing Smart Checkout payment gateway, Yonoton's cloud-based POS system becomes a powerful platform that allows businesses to accept over 30 payment methods, eliminating the need for separate traditional terminals or complex checkout solutions. This seamless integration not only saves businesses money, but it also simplifies operations and mitigates connectivity problems commonly associated with traditional card reader terminals.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Viva.com and introduce this game-changing payment solution to our clients," said Atte Kniivilä, CRO at Yonoton."By integrating Viva.com’s advanced omnichannel payments technology into our cloud-based POS system, we are providing businesses with an all-in-one solution that streamlines operations, reduces costs, and simplifies the payment process. It truly sets us apart in the market."

This Yonoton x Viva.com business solution, offers numerous benefits including:

  • Flexibility: Use of existing smart device hardware by significantly reducing hardware expenses.
  • Scalability: Opportunity to scale up their business checkout processes and solutions in a more cost-effective manner.
  • Reliability: By removing the reliance on physical terminals, businesses can mitigate connectivity issues and ensure uninterrupted payment acceptance.
  • Efficiency: A streamlined all-in-one payment process embedded into the same device and software POS system.
  • Optimized customer experience: Offering fast transactions, featuring all payment types, including international card schemes and local payment methods, digital wallets and QR code payments.

“We are excited to partner with Yonoton, as part of our Independent Software Vendor Partnership Program, to deliver a brand-new smart payments experience for all business customers they serve all over Europe,” notes Harry Xenophontos, Director of Global Strategic Partnerships at Viva.com. “We have been setting the technology agenda to eventually make payments invisible and compatible to any smart device. Our advanced embedded payments platforms allow partners to integrate our plug-and-play omnichannel payment technologies into their solutions, both software and hardware, unlocking businesses’ full potential.”

The collaboration between Yonoton and Viva.com marks a significant milestone in the POS industry, as they introduce an all-in-one solution that enables card payments without physical terminals. This groundbreaking innovation reshapes how businesses handle transactions and streamlines operations, ultimately benefiting business customers and enhancing their bottom line.


About Viva.com 

Viva.com is a leading European cloud-based neobank, delivering the future of payments, now. With presence in 24 markets, it is the payment institution with the largest footprint in Europe. Viva.com’s mission is to change the way businesses pay and get paid, offering truly unifying, yet localized, end-to-end advanced digital payments solutions and embedded banking services tailored to their needs. An advocate for a sustainable cashless economy, and secure payments for all, the Organisation delivers digital payments services across three different time zones, in 17 languages and 9 currencies, featuring over 30 payment methods. Harnessing the power of revolutionary technologies, such as the Viva Terminal App and Smart Checkout payment gateway, Viva.com provides an omnichannel solution, that offers seamless, conversion-boosting and secure ways to process online and in-person transactions, streamlining business operations and enhancing the customer experience. Learn more at viva.com and vivawallet.com 

About Yonoton

Yonoton is a versatile digital platform for digital ordering and purchases. Yonoton’s omnichannel SaaS platform is widely used within the international hospitality and entertainment industries. One platform for branded apps, webshops, POS, self-service kiosks and order management. Yonoton’s clients are privileged to manage everything from one digital platform. Clients include companies such as Sodexo, Coor, Funplays, Dyreparken and Moominworld. Yonoton wants to be a trailblazer of new digital sales innovations, providing it’s B2B customers a scalable platform to boost sales and decrease operational costs. Learn more at yonoton.com 


For press enquiries regarding Yonoton, please contact press@yonoton.com 

For press enquiries regarding Viva.com, please contact pressoffice@vivawallet.com

For more information regarding Kespro’s autumn Fair events, please visit Kespro Autumn Fair

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