Order management

Operations through a central point, which allows for smooth restaurant operations. Yonoton Order Mananagement (Yorma) connects mobile orders from the mobile app, webshop, point-of-sale and kiosk as well as external sales interfaces into the same operations pipeline in the kitchen. See how it works in HERE


With dozens and dozens of features to choose from, you can build an app that matches yours and your customers needs exactly.



The kitchen display screen shows orders in real time and in full detail. New orders from different sales channels are pinged into the screen when its time to start preparing the order.

Kitchen printers

Kitchen printers

Printers can be be used together or separately with the kitchen displays. It is possible to set some items to one prep station in the kitchen and other products to another (e.g. a separate station for cold / warm dishes).



Customers ordering via mobile devices are being sent automatic order status notifications by Yonoton Ordering Management system.



Order Management can also be set to work as a self-checkout station for mobile orders. Orders are confirmed by scanning the received QR code at the reader

Manned counters

Manned counters

Order Management can be also used at manned counters. Customer scans QR code from the mobile device or receipt at the reader to confirm pre-paid order.



It is possible to configure the ordering process in such a way that the staff is required to set a preparation time for the order, and that time is used to communicate to the user using different sales interfaces.

Just in time

Yonoton Order Management System can receive orders from all the different interfaces of the powered by Yonoton platform. Yorma makes sure that the staff receives each order just in time (preorders, ad hoc etc.) allowing for a lean production process. Pre-orders do not show up in the screen before they need attention by the staff, simplifying the process at the restaurant end of the process. Order managemnent system supports all ordering types such as insgtant orders, timed pre-orders, table deliveries and take-aways. More in HERE!

Hardware agnostic

The neatest thing of the robust software is that it runs in all devices regardless of the size. As long as the operating system is ran by Android. So, forget about the bulky and expensive gadgets. Waitresses and sales people can walk around premises and take in orders, send them directly into the kitchen screen or to the specific kitchen or bar till printer. More in HERE!

Remote management

Order Management System can be managed through MDM (Mobile Device Management) software and locked so that no apps are available outside of a limited whitelisted selection. It is possible to set an allowed set of apps that can also include apps outside of the Powered by Yonoton -ecosystem if necessary. It’s also possible to e.g. choose where the device is activated, allowing for easy moving around of the device within the premises. 

Status screen

Take advantage of the new technologies by enabling your customers to make orders and purchases via multiple sales channels. Status of orders can be easilly monitored from the status sceens. All orders regardless of the sales channels (app, webshop, self-service-kiosk, Point-of-sale) appear on the status screens. Status screen can be also monitored from you own mobile device, simply by typing in the address on browser. 


We have partnered with several hardware manufacturers such as Elotouch and SunMi. That is why Yonoton can offer you all the PoS, kiosk and order management system hardware and the supported services. Via Yonoton’s MDM’s (mobile device management), it is possible to operate kiosks remotely with ease. 

Yonoton was an obvious choice for us. With Powered by Yonoton service platform’s existing features that are already in use in hundreds of places we could develop the application to suit perfectly to our specific client needs. As we have very international clients whose job consists of global travel, I definitely believe in the application’s potential to scale internationally. 

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