Moominworld and Yonoton extends their partnership  


Yonoton and Finland’s largest theme park Moominworld have strengthened their partnership by rolling out new features to provide new digitally immersive experiences.

Yonoton and Elo bring digitalization into the hospitality and leisure industry


Norway’s largest theme park chooses Yonoton and Elo for point-of-sale and self-service solutions

Why hotels are choosing to go digital


Hotels It's critical to not only keep track of the latest technology trends in the industry, but to move with the times.

Pivo maksutavaksi MySodexo-sovellukseen


Digitaaliseen tilaamiseen erikoistuva teknologiayhtiö Yonoton sekä nopean maksamisen mobiilisovellus Pivo laajentavat yhteistyötään tuomalla monipalveluyritys Sodexon sovellukseen mutkattoman tavan maksaa.

Yonoton appoints Simo Moilanen from Vincit


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Simo Moilanen as a Software Developer.

The big question: app or browser?


Where to build your restaurant’s, hotel’s or theme park’s digital service. We go through the pros and cons of the two options.

POS (R)evolution


Modern POS hardware is scalable and can be used as hybrid with self-service.

We are hiring!


As Yonoton is accelerating fast, our experienced technical team is looking for multiple reinforcements to further develop Powered by Yonoton omnichannel platform.

Skeptical developer's interview pt.3


Yonoton is constantly seeking for several experienced developers to our experienced team.

Yonoton has big news!


Yonoton’s long term vision has been to provide a true omnichannel platform for its clients. We have now released a new set of SaaS products to fulfill the Powered by Yonoton -digital platform.

Yonoton and Adyen partner up to offer scalable payments


The partnership will offer a better experience and more payment methods to more than 500,000 end-users.

NETS guarantees secure payments for Yonoton’s clients


Cooperation with Nets enables Yonoton to offer its customers a secure way to pay for their purchases – without Yonoton itself having to participate in the payment process.

Yonoton appoints the former CEO of Acrelec


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Olli Tapola as an Account Director.

Yonoton appoints Joe Griffin


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Joe Griffin as a Sales Manager.

Yonoton appoints Eemeli Heinonen from Vincit


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Eemeli Heinonen as a Software Developer Heinonen, 30, makes a transition to Yonoton from Vincit, a public software company.

We are hiring again!


The last time you saw one of our ads you were probably wondering if it’s wise to join a startup focusing on the hospitality industry in these uncertain times.

Yonoton and VIPPS start collaboration in Norway


August 2020 will see two digital payment accelerators joining forces when Yonoton ⁠—specialising in digital ordering and payments⁠— and VIPPS ⁠—the leading mobile payment solution in Norway start collaborating.

Dyreparken Case Study: 49 million in sales


Dyreparken’s application was built on Powered by Yonoton platform and released on July 2019.

Yonoton at Norway’s TOP 10


Dyreparken is Norway’s largest theme park and most popular tourist destination with its 1,2 million annual visitors. Dyreparken covers an area of 60 hectares and consists of a zoo, amusement park, water park, and four different accommodation concepts.

Yonoton appoints Riku Marttila from Vincit


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Riku Marttila as a Senior Software Developer

MobilePay and Yonoton start collaboration


May 2020 will see two digital payment accelerators joining forces when Yonoton ⁠—specialising in digital ordering and payments⁠— and MobilePay ⁠—the leading mobile payment solution in the Nordics⁠— start collaborating.

Let’s talk about cash, the king!


Cash has its advantages, that is unquestionable. Cash is anonymous, it’s concrete, it’s reliable, and it’s well accepted. However, the new digital payment methods have started to challenge the advantages of cash lately and the war is on.

Yonoton appoints Scrum Master


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Sören Andersson as a Scrum Master.

Survival kit for Corona


When the world shuts down and customers are not just asked to stay at home, but they are also afraid, it’s essential to still serve the basic human need of hunger. The current situation hits our industry hard, very hard. How can my restaurant survive the virus?

Yonoton appoint Project Manager


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Oskar Hiekkanen as a Project Manager.

Moominworld partners with Yonoton


Finland’s largest theme park Moominworld have chosen Finnish technology provider Yonoton  for its long term digital partner within mobile solutions. 

Yonoton appoint Anssi Haarala from Vincit


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Anssi Haarala as a Senior Software Engineer.

Yonoton’s breakthrough


The year 2019 has been a breakthrough for Yonoton. We managed to exceed all goals set for this year. 

Yonoton at Nordea’s Open Insight


Yonoton and Nordea, the largest financial services group in Northern Europe, continues developing their cooperation. Companies work together regarding emerging technologies; related to innovative mobile solutions that simplifies digital ordering and purchasing.

Yonoton and Sodexo extend cooperation


Sodexo, one of worlds largest service company, is launching an acceleration program for start-ups in Finland to promote the development of new services and products.

Yonoton appoint new Software Engineering Director


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Mikko Poutanen as a Software Engineering Director. 

Yonoton appoint new Commercial Director


Yonoton strengthens its core-team with the appointment of Atte Kniivilä as Commercial Director, bringing extensive experience of sales leadership and business to Yonoton.

Nets and Yonoton start extensive sales cooperation


Yonoton Ltd. and Nets start sales cooperation in Nordic Countries. Yonoton is a technology company specialising in digital ordering and buying processes. Nets is one of Europe’s leading service companies in digital payments. Nets Netaxept payment platform is used in all Yonoton’s SaaS products. 

Yonoton's digital service to Sodexo's 160 restaurants


Sodexo aims to streamline the customer experience in their restaurants by adopting a digital service designed by Yonoton.

Finnish government organization grants 1,25 million euros to Yonoton


Yonoton Ltd. has been selected to Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding (YIC) programme.

Norway’s biggest amusement park partners with Yonoton


Norway’s largest amusement park Dyreparken have chosen Finnish technology provider Yonoton Ltd. for its long term digital partner within mobile solutions.

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